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Australian Study Tour—Students’ Diaries
This was my second time to visit Australia. Last year, I went to Perth in Australia. I made many new friends and my English improved a lot. This year, we went to the Gold Coast for sixteen days. It was an excellent place to learn English since the teachers there were very helpful. We learnt English through games and different activities. Other than improving my English, I made a lot of new friends. We have become pen pals now.
I would like to say thank you to the school for subsidizing me to join this tour. I am looking forward to the study tour in the coming summer holiday.
Thomas Wong 3A
During this holiday , Miss Cheung , Raymond , Thomas and I went to the Gold Coast in Australia for two weeks. I still remember how excited we were when we were at the Hong Kong International Airport.
When we arrived, our Australian host families were already there to meet us. They looked after us with much care.
We studied at a secondary school there for two weeks . The school is called Hillcrest Christian College. I really treasured the opportunity to speak to the Australian students .
Not only that, we visited different scenic spots such as the Currumbin Bird Sanctuary and the Movie World .
The Australian study tour was indeed a valuable expenence for me.
Boris Cheung 2D
Last summer holiday, I went to Gold Coast in Austalia for sixteen days. I felt happy and excited because this was my first time visiting this country.
There was a host family looking after each of us. My host family was kind and their dogs were lovely.My friends and I went to school every day because the main aim of this study tour was to learn more English. There was also a buddy to help us. My buddy was very kind and helpful. But the time was not long enough for us to get along more because we only had three days with our buddies.
Also, I want to say thank you to Miss Cheung who took care of us meticulously for the whole tour.
This Australia tour is marvellous and fun-filled. I really appreciate that my school gave me this opportunity to join the tour. I am looking forward to another study tour in the next summer holiday.
Raymond Chong 2A
中六級中國文化學習之旅--------肇慶考察團                     鄭佩貞老師
    07年的暑假,我校全體的中六學生到肇慶進行為期三天兩夜的考察活動。是次旅程能讓學生走出香港,踏足祖國,體會絢麗多姿的中國文化。  學生在是次的旅程遊走不同的景點,如著名的景區盤龍峽、鼎湖山風景區、德興學宮、悅城龍母廟等。面對滾滾的瀑布流水,一傾而瀉,師生們無不讚嘆大自然的醉人魅力。我深信,這種真切的體會,是一節節活生生的課,讓學生明白學習之道是源於生活,源於感受。    景點以外,我們還到肇慶學院參觀,了解當地的教學模式及校園設備。廣闊的校園,優美的景致,都深深地吸引著學生的目光。當然,國內學生對學問追求的熱情,也深深地打動著學生的心靈。