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 Prof.Tam Man Kwan,

Ph.D., B.H., B.B.S., J.P.  

Resume (Chi)

Resume (Eng)

  • B.A. (HONS), The University of Hong Kong
  • Dip. Ed., The Chinese University of Hong Kong 
  • M.A. (Ed.), The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Ph.D., University of London Institute of Education
  • Hon. Fellow, University of London Institute of Education
  • Hon. University Fellow, The Open University of Hong Kong
  • Adjunct Professor, Department of Educational Administration and Policy, Faculty of Education, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Supervisor of Man Kwan Pak Kau College
  • Supervisor of Man Kwan QualiEd College
  • Supervisor of Jockey Club Man Kwan EduYoung College 
  • President of Hong Kong Private Schools Association
  • Founding Chairman of University of London Institute of Education Hong Kong Old Students' Association
  • Chairman of Training Committee, The Scout Association of Hong Kong

“All Are Educable’ is our school’s tenet. We believe that everyone loves to learn, and every student can be the backbone of our future society. To reach this goal, we work hard and we work together.

In a society where science and technology develop at a tremendous pace, students may access information which changes daily. Besides the knowledge learned in the classroom, the ability to differentiate between right and wrong and self-learning, are considered more important for students. To find the right information from numerous sources, to train students’ thoughts through everyday teaching and to stimulate their creativity, are not only our teachers’ main objectives but also our students’ goal in school. Therefore, we keep working hard at broadening our students’ horizons and extending their study range of society and the world. For example, we have invited many social celebrities to give students lectures, organized several study tours outside of Hong Kong each year and visited different places for study purpose in response to, “Education Reformation”, among many others. All of these experiences are in the hope of bringing the latest information and knowledge to the students of Eduyoung.
Hong Kong is a city based on knowledge, that is why professional knowledge and liberal abilities are the basic requirements for career development. We believe that everyone has their own unique talents, and we hope every student is able to find their goal for life and work hard towards that goal. We train our students to be creative, based on the knowledge they have learned and to, “Rethink the Past, Create the Future”.

I have always been concerned about the students of Eduyoung. I hope every student can grow up and be healthy through the education of the school, put their talents to good use in different fields and make a maximum contribution to society.